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ROYAL TREE Spa's are intimate with indulging interiors featuring innovative spa treatments. Our inspiration of the forest trees that you will see all around our shops create a healing and relaxing environment.

Royal Tree offers over a 100 products that we use in house to give our clients a truly unique Royal Tree treatment.

Royal Tree specialises in Relaxation treatments for everyone in need of a little love. Please note we don't offer specialised or Clinical treatments at our Day or Express spa's.

Don't let our Express Spa's fool you though, They offer the same Royal Tree Treatments as our day Spa's except the body Scrubs, Wraps and water facilities. 

Take a journey of senses at a Royal Tree Spa near you..

Did you know...

Royal Tree has seven ranges of bulk spa products that is used by spa's all over Africa

If you are interested in using our products click on the link below.

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